Strupz and Snow Boots

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Strupz and Snow Boots

Strupz - the new jean stirrup, designed to keep your jeans tucked neatly inside your snow boots


Strupz are very useful when enjoying Apres Ski wearing Snow Boots.  Thick socks and ski socks can be worn under your jeans and trousers for warmth and comfort and then Strupz keeps your jeans and trousers tucked inside your snow boots.

When wearing Strupz with snow boots you will feel more confident in your appearance and more comfortable when your jeans or other trousers are tucked in neatly.



Snow Boots and Black Strupz

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Welly pot and pink Strupz Welly pot and Brown Strupz Welly pot and Turquoise Strupz Welly pot and Lilac Strupz Welly pot and Yellow Strupz




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